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The union's decision to oppose Biden's asylum proposal is one indication of the plan's similarities to Trump-era efforts. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Unions are biting the hands that feeds them.
There are just so many, and we broke them down for you. New York Post
For all your typing needs. New York Post


Party officials across the country have sought to erect more barriers for young voters, who tilt heavily Democratic, after several cycles in which their turnout surged. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The youth of today are not very bright.
Several House members, including Jerrold Nadler and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are pushing the governor to fully support a climate policy proposed by the left-leaning Legislature. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Hochul is not bright and smart.
With a strong governor, a Legislature passing a raft of liberal measures and a looming early presidential primary, Democrats are testing the promise and pitfalls of complete control of the state. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The country as a whole is going too far to the left.
Republican legislators voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to enact a bill that places new restrictions on transgender youth, including banning access to transition care. New York Times
The Biden administration has asked the justices to overturn an appeals court decision on guns that can charitably be described as nuts. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Hopefully all within the Second Amendment rights.
The network used to be a safe space for the former president. But Brian Kilmeade, Jason Chaffetz and others had tough words for his appearance on “Hannity,” his first Fox interview in months. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Liberal media wishful thinking.


Former Vice President Mike Pence told reporters his challenge to a Justice Department subpoena was "an important constitutional argument to have."       USA Today
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs press secretary Josselyn Berry posted an image of woman carrying two handguns. "Us when we see transphobes," Berry wrote.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: The fool walked herself out.
A California task force is on track to recommend a massive reparations package worth as much as $800 billion to compensate Black residents, but whether such a payout would pass judicial muster is another question. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The idea of any reparations is dumb.
Board members picked by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to oversee the governance of Walt Disney World said Wednesday that their Disney-controlled predecessors pulled a fast one on them by passing restrictive covenants that strip the new board of many of its powers. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: DeSantis will put some more hurt on Disneyl

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Idaho lawmakers are considering making it illegal for an adult to help a minor procure an abortion without parental consent. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: As it should.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathryn Drey of the Northern District of Florida pleaded guilty Tuesday to illegally steering contracts to her spouse. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Plain stupid.
An 81-year-old Colorado man accused of killing his wife and daughter with an axe told police he lost his job and was afraid they would end up homeless. Reginald Maclaren told police he didn't regret killing them because he "knows they are in a better place," according to court documents. Washington Times


The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in a dispute about when -- or if -- the IRS must give notice when it accesses banking records while probing assets of a delinquent taxpayer. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Privacy must be respected.
U.S. Senate and House members proposed a new no-fly list for unruly passengers on Wednesday, an idea that was pushed by airline unions but failed to gain traction last year. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Yes, with specific parameters.
President Joe Biden is kicking off his second Summit for Democracy with a pledge for the U.S. to spend $690 million bolstering democracy programs worldwide ABC
VOA VIEW: Expensive worthless bribery.
The head of the U.N.’s atomic energy watchdog has returned to Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant ABC
A senior Russian diplomat says Moscow has suspended sharing information about its nuclear forces with the United States, including notices about missile tests ABC
VOA VIEW: Russia is playing strength with problematic scary threat.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has called for prayers in the wake of a Nashville school shooting while noting that "there will be a time to talk about the legislation." ABC
VOA VIEW: Respect those who died.
It has been three years since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, and while cases and hospitalizations are on the decline across the country, millions of long COVID patients are still battling lingering symptoms. CBS News contributor Dr. Celine Gounder visits a facility to learn more about the puzzling condition. CBS
The signal from this burst, experts found, had been traveling for about 1.9 billion years before reaching Earth. CBS

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Differences in local tax rates across the U.S. can add up for those who live in certain states. CBS
VOA VIEW: It's a touchy situation.
Speaking at a town hall event in New Hampshire, Haley indicated that Trump has about a quarter of the Republican base in his corner. CBS
VOA VIEW: Haley is not correct - Trump has a much higher hold of the GOP vote.
IHOP is bringing back old favorites and unveiling new items as part of a menu overhaul. CNBC
A resurgence in dumb phones in the U.S. may be tied to concerns about the mental health impact of smartphones, especially among younger generations. CNBC
Social Security may not be able to pay full benefits in 2035 if no changes are made sooner. Now, a new tool lets you decide how to shore up the program. CNBC
The Saudi decision to join the China-led SCO comes within weeks of Beijing brokering talks for arch-rivals Tehran and Ryiadh to resume diplomatic relations. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Saudi Arabia is making a major mistake.
Stocks that rallied Tuesday in response to "less than stellar" quarterly reports could bode well for earnings season, CNBC's Jim Cramer said. CNBC
• New US drone routes over Black Sea 'definitely limit' intelligence gathering, says US official CNN
VOA VIEW: Biden is showing more weakness.
A federal judge upheld a $2.4 billion bankruptcy plan for the Boy Scouts of America. The organization will continue to operate as it compensates sex abuse survivors. FOX News
China is promising retaliatory action if Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen meets with U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as she began her 10-day trip to the United States and Central America Wednesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: The situation with China is looking unstable.
Greek police arrested two Pakistani nationals accused of planning a terror attack against a synagogue in Athens Tuesday, following a tip from the Israeli intelligence agency. UPI

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March 30, 2023

     COVID deaths in New York state spiked 30% last December — to the highest tally since early 2022 — nearly three years after the virus first ravaged the state, a Post analysis shows.  Caused by Dem liberal stupidity. 

     There were 915 deaths linked to coronavirus and its variants in the Empire State in December — about 30 a day — compared with 664 deaths in November.  The monthly death toll hit levels unseen since since February 2022, The Post review of state Health Department data found — and comes despite widely available vaccines and antiviral drugs to treat COVID-19. Public health experts said the rising rate is proof COVID can still be considered a pandemic rather than a rear-view-mirror nuisance.

     The virus has taken more than 77,000 lives in New York since early 2020, data compiled by the US Centers for Disease Control show.  Nearly 1.1 million Americans have died from COVID-related illness, according to the CDC.  The elderly — particularly those with other illnesses or who are unvaccinated — are most at risk for hospitalization or death. State data show 87% of those who’ve died from COVID are 60 and over, and a majority had heart- or blood-related illnesses.  

    According to health advocates, public fatigue and resistance to nagging recommendations to take precautions — like masking up — have contributed to the latest spikes in hospitalizations and deaths. Mask mandates in the city and state were scrapped last year.